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Susannah Hares

Centre for Global Development, Global Education Co-Director



3:15 pm


4:05 pm

Education Provision in Fragile States

Public- private sector partnerships as a global solution

With adequate planning, investing in human capital, especially in education, can improve lives even in the riskiest of places. SDG 4 aims to ensure safe, non-violent and inclusive education for all, yet many of the 57 million children and 62 million adolescents who are still not attending primary and lower secondary schools respectively live in conflict states. Because of the unstable nature of such states,alternative approaches have proven to be the most effective in making tangible leaps. Such alternative approaches require, for example, cooperation between the public and private sectors. Such cooperation, however, can be challenging, especially given recent debates regarding GPE funding to for-profit schools. In this panel, we will delve into the importance of private sector involvement in education provision in fragile states. We will discuss the promising nature of such cooperation, and highlight the need for improved procurement rules and contracting details in aligning public and private interests.