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Nazila Vali

UNDP, Private Sector Program Specialist



11:00 am


11:50 am

A New Direction: Should the Private Sector take the Lead in Tackling the Gender Gap?

There are more than just altruistic reasons for why we need to reduce the gender gap. Reports show that empowering a woman economically can help to deliver comprehensive socioeconomic
improvements not only to her, but to her wider community as well. This session will debate whether the private sector is capable of pioneering new strategies for resolving gender inequality or whether the public sector should continue to take the lead in tackling this challenge. Governments are arguably still uniquely placed to drive change through legislation, financial incentives, infrastructure, capability building and advocacy. However, a growing number of voices are also calling upon the private sector to increase their engagement around this challenge. Major corporates have the potential to change behaviors and define best practices on a global scale through their business strategies and workplace cultures. All too often however, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is still treated as a ‘marketing gesture’ and not as a means of effecting real impact. So are they really up to the task?