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Freya Burton

Chief Sustainability Officer at Lanzatech



12:35 pm


1:30 pm

Energy & Climate

New Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

In the midst of the climate crisis, major oil companies have come under growing scrutiny as one of the biggest polluters in the world. In 2015, some of the largest players in the energy sector pledged to support the targets set at the Paris Climate conference. Despite heavy investing in Carbon Capture technologies and a pledge to reduce routine gas flaring, there has been little to show for these promises. In a report published in 2017, researchers found that 16% of the temperature rises since 1881 could be traced back to 50 investor-owned carbon producers,
including BP, Shell, Total and ExxonMobil. This session will explore how old and new actors in the energy sector can work together to curb the significant CO2 emissions being produced. Innovative social enterprises investing in renewables or using technologies such as Carbon Capture have so far only had a limited impact. This may be set to change as major oil and gas companies increasingly take ownership of their impact, and take an increasing interest
in investing into sustainable energy strategies for the future.'