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David Johnson

David Johnson is the CEO of the Margaret Pyke Trust.


2:50 pm


3:40 pm

Multi-sectoral frameworks for SRHR

Comprehensive Approaches to Achieving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All

A multisectoral and stakeholder approach is paramount to ensuring access to sexual and reproductivehealth and rights for all by 2030. This need demands that we turn to issues of women empowerment, education of girls, and access to menstrual hygiene, and engage today’s youth in government - and civil society-led activities to finance their needs in the most efficient ways. While it may be clear that the expertise and technical knowledge needed for integrated approach to SRHR is available, we must prioritize means of advancing multi-sectoral approaches at the national level and addressing the long-term implications of the current and future funding context for women and girls. This panel will therefore focus, among other things, on adapting frameworks on issues such as climate and biodiversity to include family planning, practical challenges to engaging governments in issues of SRHR, and the role of civil society in policy change, changes in social norms, and service delivery, all including a commitment to reach those ‘hardest to reach’ when ‘leaving no-one behind’.