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OxFID 2020

Beyond Pledges: Delivering Change in an Inclusive world

OxFID 2020 is set to be our most ambitious event to date: we will be hosting exclusive panels, debates, workshops and networking sessions with leading figures in the world of International Development. 

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In partnership with:

Our Focus: Beyond Pledges

What happens after pledges are made?

In the midst of the most pressing crises, from climate breakdown to extreme inequality, delivering on promises is more critical than ever. This year, therefore, the conference will explore why traditional development actors have often failed to fulfil what they set out to achieve.

We believe that fulfilling pledges starts with greater inclusivity and cooperation. Diversifying the community of stakeholders can help hold parties accountable for the agreements that they make. Working together with actors beyond the traditional development community, and collaborating with individuals at the local level and in the private sector will lead to more impactful solutions. OxFID 2020 will facilitate the creation of new partnerships through an equally retrospective and forward-looking discussion between all players in international development.

Our Themes

From Council to Community

When discussing international development policy, is it important for leaders to engage the wider community? The conference will be addressing the need for more inclusive, bottom-up development strategies in parallel with top-down initiatives in order to provide locally appropriate, impactful and sustainable solutions.

OxFID 2020 will question whether solving global problems starts at the local level. By shifting the lens from Council to Community, our sessions will explore the importance of increasing community and private sector engagement to help bring more meaningful change and progress.

Cooperation amidst Disruption

Can global development issues ever be ‘above’ politics? In a climate of divisive political rhetoric and widespread sectarian conflict, global collaboration will play a decisive role in defining our ability to tackle the most pressing issues of our time.

We will be taking a closer look at contemporary divisions at the local, regional and international levels to understand their impact on development initiatives and the potential of intergovernmental organisations to achieve cross-partisan Cooperation amidst Disruption.

Giving and Taking

“International Development” is a loaded term with a problematic past. Western institutions have often intervened without an appreciation of the local context and followed a model of ‘giving’ that does not necessarily equip communities with the tools needed to sustain the immediate benefits.

OxFID 2020 will address the importance of diversifying approaches to aid and providing more adaptable forms of development finance. We will be asking our experts whether development institutions in their current form are able to ‘give’ effectively and whether the source of funding has an impact on the result. The conference will ask whether aid can also come in non-monetary forms and how we can standardise our indicators for progress.

Keeping Promises

Are stakeholders accountable for the promises they make? Looking beyond pledges, we will critically analyse the effectiveness of existing policy tools and legal mechanisms designed to deliver accountability and transparency. 

But are tighter regulations the only way to hold states and the private sector to their word? We will be exploring how raising awareness of development issues among wider society and standardizing tools to monitor progress could help increase the pressure on governments and corporations to fulfil their promises.

Beyond Pledges: Delivering Change in an Inclusive world
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Confirmed Speakers

The speakers we have confirmed so far include, but are not limited to:

Alex de Waal
Rebecca Nestor
Linda Aspey
Lucy Walters
Saskia Sassen
Muhammad Musa
Anne Philpott
Selam Gebrekidan
Graham Mackay
Rosa Freedman
Mark Goldring
Richard Tol
David D. Kirkpatrick
Simon Starling
Danny Dorling
Dr Sabina Alkire
Dr Claire Melamed
Joan Gass
Alex le May
Ademola Olajide
David Johnson
Dr Rudiger Pittrof
Dr Kate Ferguson
Dr Chloë M Gilgan
James Smith
Ewelina U. Ochab
David Archer
Mobarak Hossain
Olga Mun
Dr Alvin Yeung
Dr Clementina Acedo
Hedwig Osvath
Nika Soon-Shiong
Eleanor Booth
Richard Freund
Alessandra Costagliola
Geoff Goodwin
Jessica Fullwood-Thomas
Tej Dhami
Sophie Lambin
Harry Gibson
Freya Burton
Bas Sudmeijer
Myles Allen
Alan Harding
Akshay Mangla
Nikita Sud
Catherine David
Callie Strickland
Cheryl Doss
Rudaba Nasir
Nazila Vali
Jonathan Dean
Elizabeth Pisani
Priti Dave
Anant Jani
Tony Baker
Susannah Hares
Mathieu Fourn
Emma Wagner
Aashti Zaidi Hai
András Volom
Nehmat Kaur
Bill McKibben
Aditya Pundir
Kirsty Hamilton
Monika Zurek
Maurice Wren
Bella Sankey
Jasper Teulings
Joana Setzer
Annalisa Savaresi
Gita Parihar
Chiara Liguori
Vahid Monadjem
Dana Lunberry
Nomsa Kachingwe
Max Biswanger
Alex de Waal
Marwa Baabbad
Mishana Hosseinioun
Nima Elbagir
Stefan Dercon
Romilly Greenhill
Rachel Glennerster
Ole Solvang
Heidi Schroderus-Fox
Clive Stafford-Smith
Claire Melamed
Christos Stylianides
Anna Neistat
Achim Steiner
Our generous partners

Sponsors and partners

The conference would have been impossible without our kind sponsors and partners: The New York Times, UNDP, BCG, Kite Insights and Sir Leonard Blavatnik. 

Beyond Pledges: Delivering Change in an Inclusive world
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